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Urban Tour

Starting by the Municipal Hall of Culture in Raziel Street – a pedestrian area with cafes on both sides. 
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Historic Tour

Walking tour. Our starting point is the famous sycamore tree on Mintz Street. This impressive 1,000-year-old tree has an amazing 8-meter circumference. 
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Nature Tour

Our starting point is the promenades and gardens that stretch out along the sandstone cliffs by the shore. 
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Utopia and Kakun Parks

This is one of the few parks in the world combining orchids, carnivorous plants, birds, fish, water plants, and other exotic flowers in a tropical rainforest environment. 
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Jewish Legion Museum

This museum was established by veterans of the British army's Jewish battalions. 
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HaSharon Park

Alexander Creek –The Park features oak, eucalyptus, and carob trees, a lake, water fowl, and vast lush grounds. 
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Kadima Forest

Located to the east of Moshav Kadima, this wooded park offers various leisure facilities. Gorgeous purple irises and other plants bloom here in the winter.

Poleg Creek Nature Reserve

Tel Poleg is a 125-acre nature reserve located across from the Wingate Institute. Here you will find breathtaking plant life including purple irises. 
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The Turtle Bridge

Come here to watch giant sea turtles, and then climb up an observation tower to see spectacular views of the Hefer Valley.

Beit HaRishonim

The first Jewish immigrants to Israel lived in this stone house dating from the 19th century, which is located in 12-acre nature reserve near Havatzelet HaSharon.

The Lord's House in Tel Mond

This house, which was once the home of Lord Melchett, tells the history of the Tel Mond area and the surrounding villages.

Tractor History Museum

A unique and fascinating collection featuring the tractors and agricultural tools used by the country's farmers. 
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Antiquities Museum of Caesarea

Here you can discover exhibits from the Roman, Byzantine, Muslim, Crusader, and First Aliyah eras of Israel's history.

Aaronson House

This house in Zikron Ya’akov has been transformed into a museum commemorating the Aaronson family.

The Aliyah (Immigration) Museum

The story of the first Jewish immigrants to Israel is told and shown here.

The Hannah Senesh House

Established to commemorate this brave poet and paratrooper, this exhibition in Kibbutz Sdot Yam explores her life story and legacy.